I don’t think it matters of a person is Muslim ☪️ or Christian ✝️. Child abuse is Child abuse. Some people kept arguing with me telling me it’s Muslims who committed this offences. Buy the looks of it. Even Police officers are involved and Surgent admitted.

Concerns were also flagged that police officers failed to act to help young victims of sex abuse. Sounds like Cheshire Police.

Rotherham child abuse scandal gets even worse as now TEN POLICE OFFICERS are accused of sexually abusing children 👶

The Independent Police Complaints Commission ( we call them Independent Police Coverup Commision) has been called in to probe the involvement of an undisclosed number of police involved in sex abuse claims – with a top cop further admitting officers were to blame for “significant” failures into the Rotherham scandal. ( So it’s the officers 👮‍♂️ not the Muslims) OK 👌 after my experience with Cheshire Police 👮‍♂️ Anything is possible.

South Yorkshire’s new Chief Constable Stephen Watson made the revelations after an independent report into the sexual exploitation of children in the town was released.

He said: “Stuff has been passed onto the IPCC who are actively looking into all of those cases.

“In some cases there are suggestions that officers themselves were involved in the abuse of children and those issues need to come through due process.”

The police watchdog confirmed the investigation, saying there had been “a range of allegations from a failure to act on reported child sexual exploitation to corruption by police officers”.

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